It Finally Happened: Sherlock Meets The Doctor… Sorta


It’s the meet-up that launched a thousand fan-fics and now it’s kinda, sorta real. What happens when the TARDIS lands in front of 221 B Baker Street? What happens when two of the fiercest minds of British TV come face to face? What will it be like when Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) and The Doctor (Matt Smith) meet and head off into the universe together? Some very enterprising video producers have put together what they think that would look like. And warning, this is very SFW, so none of your potential fan-fic fantasies come true.

Behold, “Wholock!”

The video comes courtesy of the guys that brought you the faux “Day of the Doctor” trailer, so the quality is very, very good albeit imperfect. (What is Matt Smith looking at while talking to Cumberbatch in the TARDIS?) Still, very impressive work. Let’s consider it an early Christmas present.

The Doctor Who Christmas special “The Night of the Doctor” airs on Christmas Day, and the third season premiere of Sherlock airs on New Year’s Day.

Source: Blastr

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