Lately it seems the only news regarding Star Wars: Episode VII has been how little real news there is: I seem to be doing reports on everything the production hasn’t done yet at least once a week. 

Disney chairman Alan Horn spoke this morning at the Variety “dealmaker” breakfast. According to Horn, JJ Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan (who took over screenwriting duties from Michael Arndt) have yet to turn in a completed script for the insanely anticipated sequel, but are expected to have one ready in January.

Which is roughly 3 weeks away.

We were told Abrams and Kasdan replaced Arndt due to “time issues”…..The film is due for release in just under two years, and they don’t have a script yet.

Not that I know jack about filmmaking…but you don’t need to be a Hollywood insider to recognize that the clock–she’s a tickin’.

Horn WAS kind enough to add that Ep7‘s budget is estimated at somewhere around $200 million, and he confirmed that Disney indeed plans to release one Star Wars flick a year, alternating between saga chapters and one-shot movies.

Oh, far as a fifth installment of the Indiana Jones franchise goes, leave your bullwhips and fedoras in the closet for the time being. Now that The House of Mouse is in the Indy sequel business–this is essentially all Horn had to say:

We need a story

By his reckoning, Indy 5 is at least 2, maybe 3 years away.

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