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ABOVE: Harry Potter stilettos. For walking around uncomfortably representing your favorite house of Hogwarts or for drinking butterbeer out of, it’s up to you really. [FashionablyGeek]


An honest review of Firefly by a video store employee. Tom can get away with writing whatever he wants, because no one goes to video stores anymore.  [Captain Mal’s Wisdom]


Han Solo in carbonite door decal. This is only for morbidly obese nerds who keep hot girls in gold bikinis enslaved in their parents basement.  [The Green Head]


Catwoman body paint cosplay by Sarai Pulido. I know this is the Jokers line, but “have you ever danced with the devil in the pale of moonlight” seems fitting right about now. [ComicBookMovie]

Doctor Who regeneration carol. It’s a little fun with the season and everything, but it’s also so very sad, because of Matt Smith leaving. *tear*  [Dorkly]

Speaking of Doctor Who. For those who don’t like it, maybe this video of a Life-size TARDIS taking off and falling back to earth in a blaze of glory will amuse you. [Geekologie]

What happens in every fighting game ever. Missing from this video is relentless blocking and sweeping of the leg.   [FreddieW (RocketJump)]

Spider-Man’s ultimate foe. OK, this starts off silly but watch the sudden turn of events and you’ll laugh your tits off. Poor spidey.   [Random At Best]

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