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Well, we all know by now exactly how pissed former Walking Dead showrunner, Frank Darabont is over his expulsion from the show. After putting together a pretty solid first season (and thus ensuring the show’s continued success), he was shit-canned because AMC wanted him to do amazing things with a table-scrap budget, he gave them the finger and then they fired him. Now, if Darabont and his lawyers are to be believed, AMC deserves an ass-whooping. Why? Apparently, the powers-that-be have run a shady scheme and cheated the former showrunner out of some serious cash.

It seems as if Darabont was given a profit-share agreement, so he should be seeing a few suitcases filled with bills even though the show is no longer in his hands. The problem is, AMC is cooking their books by using an in-house licensing agreement that has been manipulated specifically to make it look like The Walking Dead is losing money on every single episode.

One of the most successful shows on TV is losing money? And after AMC cut the budget way back? I’m a bit too stupid to understand all the legal jargon of it, but basically AMC was paying itself for production at unrealistic rates, thus lowering the overall profits of the show. Darabont is supposed to be pulling in up to 12.5 percent of the profits earned by said production company, but since they are always (technically) in the red, he and others that were promised money will likely never see any of it. The suit goes on to claim that AMC’s firing of Darabont was shady as well, that they dumped him because all his legal contract goodies would have kicked in come the end of season 2 of the show. Not an uncommon practice, actually, as anyone who has done temp work can tell you – they like to can you before your bennies kick in.

So Darabont and his lawyers are looking to get tens-of-millions of dollars out of AMC along with a percentage of all Walking Dead-related stuff that’s come out of the show since its inception. This licensing scheme deal appears to be a problem that has plagued several shows in Hollywood, so this is but one of many lawsuits. You think they would have come up with a permanent (and ethical?) solution to all of this by now.

What say you, Nerd Readers? Does Darabont deserve so much cash even though he’s no longer working with the show? Should AMC get a big, fat smack across the face for scamming its talent out of their contractually agreed-upon cash money?


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