Comic book writer Mark Millar has had an amazing streak of successful comic book ideas. So good are his concepts, that Hollywood has picked them up for adaptation before they’ve had any real legs on comic book shelves. Between Kick-Ass (movies 1 & 2 were underway just a few issues in ), Nemesis (hasn’t made it to production yet, but was also snatched up early on in series), Wanted (adapted later in run, but still)  and now Starlight, Millar’s works are hot commodities picked up before they’re deep in ink. Did he sell his soul to the devil or something, I mean jeez.  Speaking of Starlight, it has got to be one of Millar’s most fantastical sounding tales yet.


Starlight centers on a space hero who saved the universe 35 years ago but came back to Earth, where no one believed his fantastic stories. He settled down, got married, had kids and got old, but then is called back for one last adventure when his old rocket shows up. according to Hollywood Reporter,  Millar himself describes it as “Flash Gordon meets The Dark Knight Returns”.

FOX chose producer/writer Simon Kinberg (Sherlock Holmes, X-Men: The Last Stand) to produce the adaptation.  Incidentally, Kinberg is also producing an adaptation of another Millar creation, Kindergarten Heroes, with Carter Blanchard writing the script. Is there no limit to Millar’s genius?

Starlight will be released under the Image Comics label in March 2014. The film may find it’s way around the holiday season of 2014 or butt it’s way into the blockbuster summer of 2015.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


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