MythBusters has been on for what seems like forever. Going on 12 seasons, I don’t think anyone is getting tired of it. As if an eyeful of Kari Byron, chuckling at Adam Savage’s antics and being memorized by Jamie Hyneman’s magnificent mustache wasn’t enough, there is all that science and explosiony stuff they do that keeps the show churning. And with a new trailer promoting the shows return, there’s still a whole lot of mythbustin’ and theatrical science left to see. Including a Star Wars special and a very different looking Kari Byron who seems to be hiding the droids we’re looking for in her shirt (1 minute mark).

Did you see the shot of Jamie at the 1:41 mark? I always knew he was a Sith lord! Man, these guys sure know how to make one heck of a commercial. I got chills.

The new season of MythBusters kicks off with a very special Star Wars episode on January 4th


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