Palicki Agrees: Nixing ‘Wonder Woman’ was a Blessing


Remember a couple of weeks ago when Gal Gadot was cast as Wonder Woman in the upcoming Man of Steel sequel? I’m sure if there was one actress who could easily relate to the impact of being cast as comic’s number one female hero, it was Adrianne Palicki. Back in 2011, Palicki was cast in David E. Kelly‘s Wonder Woman TV pilot, and after internet backlash vivisected every released detail about the show, NBC eventually decided that they didn’t want it. That’s a shame because Palicki was pretty good in the role, once you get past the pilot’s tremendous narrative issues. But don’t feel too bad for the actress, in her opinion, as the old saying goes, all’s well that ends well.

While talking to IGN, Palicki talked about her all too brief turn as a superhero saying that while she was “devastated” when the series didn’t get picked up, looking back now though she’s gotten to be part of an exclusive club without the ongoing hard work and grind that a weekly series would have taken.

“I was devastated when it didn’t go and it was expected to. It was one of those things that was shocking,” Palicki said. “But in retrospect it was probably a blessing. It would’ve been a really hard thing to shoot. And I got to wear the costume — I should say, I got paid to wear the costume! So not many people get to say that. [laughs] I’m really blessed to have gotten to do that and maybe someday down the line I’ll get to play that character or another awesome icon again.”

Certainly, Palicki’s enjoyed some action since her Wonder Woman days (day?) having appeared in both Red Dawn and G.I. Joe: Retaliation, but she still apparently hopes to play a superhero one day. Her choice? “I’m waiting for Supergirl,” she said.

At this rate, I expect to learn at anytime that Supergirl’s been added to the cast of characters for Batman Vs Superman. Note to the producers, Palicki does have experience being a blonde.

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