While Paul Rudd deftly dances around the Ant-Man casting rumors during Anchorman 2 press interviews, Simon Pegg has some casting advice for his long time collaborator and Ant-Man director Edgar Wright: Don’t . . .Pegg recently sat down with SFX and was asked what Marvel character he would play do if offered a role in Ant-Man:

If I was Edgar [Wright], I wouldn’t cast me in Ant-Man, because I think he obviously has to spread his wings as a director and be seen not to just come with me as a package. Same with Nick. We need to do things separately so we don’t ultimately get seen as coming as a double act. You know, Ant-Man would be enormous fun to be in, but I think Ant-Man himself has to be a lot younger than me for a start. And there probably isn’t a part for me. If Edgar asked me, I’d think about it. But as his friend and his lawyer, I would advise strongly against asking me.

Nick Frost had this to say:

You’ll have to wait and see, but which character would I be on screen? I don’t think there are many superheroes who are big men, essentially. Who do we have? I think my choices are really nil. I think Ben Grimm or the Rhino.

(The interviewer pointed out that Paul Giamatti is already playing the Rhino in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.)

Oh, then I could be Ben Grimm. Yeah, nice. Alright, I’m going to be Ben Grimm.

That still leaves the question of who Simon Pegg should be in the Marvel Superhero universe. My gut reaction would have been SHIELD Agent Jasper Sitwell, but the talented Maximiliano Hernandez has that one locked up. My next choice would be the Black Knight.

Which Marvel character do you think Pegg could pull off?

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