Drive Sober, or Get Pulled Over… By RoboCop!


That’s right; in the latest Drive Sober PSA, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration has teamed up with RoboCop to bring justice to those who chose to drive drunk.

The ad gives us a few more brief glimpses of the new RoboCop, remixed in a way to make it seem as though they’ve actually enlisted the cyborg officer to track down drunk drivers. You can check out the PSA below.

It’s a neat little clip, but I fear it might give the wrong message, as it’s more of an ad for the RoboCop reboot than for Drive Sober, and almost tries to bring light to a pretty serious offense. “Wanna meet RoboCop? Just have a few drinks and hit the road.”

Anywho, PSA message aside, what do you Nerd Bastards think of the new RoboCop, as more and more scenes trickle out? I was hoping that we’d at least get a little something to get excited about from this PSA, but I can’t say it did anything to get me interested in the film.



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