In what is likely the best news we’ve heard yet about Warner Bros.‘ planned Batman vs. Superman vs. Wonder Woman vs. Nightwing vs. Detective Chimp movie, Oscar winning screenwriter Chris Terrio has been brought in to write a draft for the Zack Snyder‘s Man of Steel sequel.

Terrio is probably best known for writing last year’s Best Picture winner, Argo, which of course was directed by and starred our new Batman, Ben Affleck. There’s no word on exactly why Terrio is being brought in to provide another script. The screenplay they had been working from was written by David Goyer, who also wrote Man of Steel. Guess someone wasn’t happy with what they were seeing and perhaps that’s why Terrio’s been brought in to fix it up.

And y’know, considering how Man of Steel wasn’t the most amazing movie ever, let alone falling short of being a really good Superman movie, hearing WB is seeking a talent such as Terrio to work on the script is some hopeful news. Guys, this movie may not be a complete and utter train wreck!

How are you feeling about the news Terrio’s coming in to write another screenplay draft? Concerned it’s already a bad sign or hopeful this might be just what Batman vs. Superman needs to work?

Source: THR via Geek Tyrant

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