The group Riviera Film, that brought the Internet a fantastic pair of Star Wars fan films Dark Resurrection: Volume 0 & Volume 1, are getting ready to start production on a new film set in the Star Wars Universe. Once again they want your help to make it happen.

We did a post about the films back in 2011 and guess what? If you don’t blink while watching the Dark Resurrection Funding Teaser Trailer below, you’ll see NerdBastards featured in a montage about the growth  and interest in the first two films.

If you haven’t watched them yet, this holiday season is a perfect time to check them out. Both films are in Italian with English subtitles. Don’t let that stop you though, it actually adds an air of other worldliness to the movie. The effects and costuming are terrific as well as the fight choreography.

The group is getting ready to launch their crowdfunding efforts to bring us a new film in the series. We’ll continue to monitor their Facebook page and bring you the details on how to get involved as they become available.

Via: Dark Resurrection

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