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Those that have been keeping up with The Walking Dead know that the latest mid-season finale exited the character of The Governor – permanently (if you’re one of those that didn’t see the episode, then sorry, spoilers – deal with it).  And while Rick and his gang certainly won’t miss the one-eyed bastard, the actor himself, David Morrissey, will be missed by cast and crew (and more than a few fans).  To honor the time this excellent actor has put into the show, AMC has put together a little video containing some of our fondest memories of him along with interviews with Morrissey and the crew.  Check it out below:

Yup, he has a filthy prick all right. But he was good at being a prick, so we can forgive him. See ya later David Morrissey, good luck wherever you end up in the future.


Thanks to blastr for the heads-up.

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