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If you’ve not seen Desolation of Smaug yet, it’s still playing just about everywhere. Undecided? Let our review be your guide, or maybe watch another Hobbit production vlog. Marking the 14th video diary in the series and the last in 2013, this one spotlights on the soundtrack production composed by Howard Shore.

Another great vlog! I love the music of The Lord Of The Rings and the music of The Hobbit is (arguably) even better. Howard Shore is a mastermind.

The movie was fantastic, and I can’t wait to watch the blogs for the next one before I get to see the last part of this amazing trilogy. The blogs make me feel like a fly on the wall, taking in all the artistry and movie magic. I got one thing, though, that makes me turn my head like a confused puppy. How Jackson says ” Smaug “… The Desolation of Shmaug. Really? Is that how it’s pronounced? Have I been saying it wrong this whole time?

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