david mamet

The latest bit of news on what to expect from the world of television is actually reboot free. Though the source material is hundreds of years old, David Mamet’s new 7 Deadly Sins television miniseries is, at least, not just another recycled pile of rubbish. Of course, whether it turns out to be good is another story entirely.

Some may know Mamet as a very prolific writer who has penned everything from Glengarry Glen Ross to Wag the Dog to Hannibal (the 2001 movie, not the series). He also happens to be a director, though his work in that department is a bit less impressive. He’ll be using both those skills for 7 Deadly Sins.

The show is reportedly to tell a tale for each of the titular sins, giving insight into the human condition along the way. The miniseries will air on Fox, though when that will happen is yet to be revealed.


Thanks to io9 for the heads-up.

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