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There a quite a few Zelda fan-films out there, but not many are as good as this. Called Skull Kid: A Zelda Legend based on the N64 the classic game  Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask the story follows a harmless but troublesome imp who has been cast out of the city of Clocktown. Deep within the lost woods he must face the harsh realities of his banishment. There, amongst the trees, an ancient evil has also begun to stir, seeking out a creature suitable to become its puppet.

It’s absolutely amazing. Very good blend of lore, live action, and sounds from the game will have you feeling nostalgic.

The film comes from Jared Potter, who is best known for his short film based on Bioshock, New Year’s End, which you can watch here. Bravo to Jared for delivering one of the better Zelda films seen in a long while.

Source: Machinima



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