With DC kicking the superhero movie universe concept into high gear combining their two big screen hitters Batman and Superman, into the next Zach Snyder Batman VS. Superman movie, is there room for more heroes to join them?The answer is a resounding yes. Wonder Woman has already been added to the mix with the casting of Gal Gadot, why not add an already proven and successful character from the small screen?

Marvel has already been developing a relationship between the big screen blockbusters and their television show Agents of SHIELD. While DC has not made any announcements, why would they not try to bring together the two mediums when both have a strong audience to bring to the table. Arrow has developed quickly into a fan favorite, with show star Stephen Amell and the creative team on the show bringing us a strong concept and character development.

Amell recently went on the Quiver Podcast, a great fan centered podcast about the show and was asked about his thoughts on bringing Oliver Queen to the big screen to join those iconic and powerful heroes of the DC Universe.

Of course…I would like them to have a shared universe…We are trying to put them on a level where if Warner Brothers and DC Comics decided they wanted to them to be a part of the movie, people would buy it … I think that the characters we are creating in our universe can stand next to Henry Cavill and Ben Affleck and Gal Gadot.

I think Amell has it right. Arrow has shown us that Green Arrow can be a force to be reckoned with, even taking on much more powerful characters with meta level skills and powers.

! ! ! Bring on the Justice League ! ! !

Via: Quiver Podcast

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