No, Seriously!

Sir Paul McCartney was once approached by a movie producer to write music for a rock opera Silver Surfer flick (I’ll take “Names You Never Thought You’d Hear In The Same Sentence” for $500, Alex…).

It seems the film was in development back in 1980, long before Hollywood’s 21st century “Superhero Boom” or the Surfer’s first cinematic appearance in Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. Sir Paul was apparently “interested” after the producer sent the former Beatles bassist some concept art (which I’d give my right arm to see), but nothing ever came of the idea.

Here is the very letter sent by McCartney’s people to the film’s producer, Lee Kramer:


This information was originally posted on the  Marvel Comics: The Untold Story Tumblr, and came to the attention of the Nerd Media via  Comic Book Movie. However, for some reason it hasn’t been widely reported until now.

All I have to say is this:

Just exactly WHO do I need to sell my soul to to make this thing happen???

This is one of the most incredible ideas I’ve ever had the pleasure of hearing…my God, EVEN if it was awful it would still be magnificent! (maybe ESPECIALLY if it was awful!)

Tell me Rise of the Silver Surfer wouldn’t have been 1000 times more awesome as a musical….hmm?

Source: /Film

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