Did y’all catch the Doctor Who Christmas Special: The Time of The Doctor last night? Anyone else a little underwhelmed? The ending and Matt’s send off was fairly golden and touching, but the whole episode was a bit of a mess. I dunno, maybe this 12-minute behind-the-scenes look at The Time of the Doctor will help with the appreciation and understanding of such a significant episode.

Yep, no… the episode made no sense and the regeneration thing was lame (worlds fastest regeneration –  makes me worried that if I sneeze I’ll change faces).   It seems anytime the creatives go into WHO mythology – regeneration, Gallifrey…etc – the episodes are far too grand and convoluted. They’re not easy to process. WHO is best when it’s at it’s most simplest. It’s the small stuff that really makes WHO great.

I will say, that despite the squished story telling in The Time of the Doctor, it all fell 2nd to the real moments when Matt shined. I really loved Matt and he will surely be missed. The feels!

Onward to Peter Capaldi as the 13th Doctor…

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