The legacy of Buffy the Vampire Slayer lives on, with hundreds-of-thousands of fans still out there singing its praises, cosplaying its characters and spending their nights marathoning the seasons. And as we pass the 10-year mark on when the show officially ended, the folks at BBC Radio 4 decided to do a half-hour special. They gathered up some famous faces, including Joss Whedon, Anthony Head and even the well-known writer and Buffy fan, Neil Gaiman, and interviewed them on their opinions about the show.

In addition to going over the basics of how the show got started, they focus on the role of Buffy as a strong female character and give Gaiman – another author who has been praised for writing strong female leads – a chance to voice his opinion on why he thinks Buffy fits the bill. At one point Gaiman has this to say:

“It’s worth pointing out that people, unfortunately, misunderstand the phrase ‘strong women. The glory of Buffy is it was filled with strong women. Only one of those strong women had supernatural strength and an awful lot of sharpened stakes. And people sort of go ‘Well yes, of course Buffy was a strong woman. She could kick her way through a door.’ And you go ‘No, that’s not actually what makes her a strong woman! You’re missing the point.'”

There are also plenty of other fun tidbits about the show in the interview. Buffy fans should make their way to the BBC Radio 4 website and give it a listen.


Thanks to blastr for the heads-up.

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