*(The comic panel above is from Flash Secret Files and Origins #1 by Penciler Kenny Martinez and Inker Anibal Rodriguez.)

There’s more news for the upcoming Flash television show on the CW making the Internet rounds today. The talk is that two additional characters with super powers will be making appearances in the series. First up is the Flash’s (Grant Gustin) Archenemy and one of the toughest opponents in the Flash’s Rouges Gallery, Professor Zoom, or the Reverse Flash, AKA Eobard Thawne. Bludhaven Banter has the scoop on the character and some details:

In pilot episode for The Flash, there is a character called “Detective Eddie Thawne” which sounds a lot like Eobard Thawne, the name of Professor Zoom. Now, that’s not a lot to go on, so I did some additional digging and it turns out that he may very well become the villain we all know and love. The description for the character states that he is “leading man handsome” (late 20s-early/mid 30s) and has recently transferred to Central City Police Department from Keystone. Thawne is set to be loved within the precinct and takes the credit for a lot of things that Barry can’t. (We assume this’ll mean he takes credit for some of The Flash’s work, but that’s just speculation on our part). However, the most intriguing part about this character is that his past will be a complete mystery. No one knows where he comes from, and he “harbors a dark secret”. That does sound very ambiguous, but as a comic fan, it’s easy to put one-and-one together to make two.

Professor Zoom is from the future, which would explain that mysterious past of the character. If true this would most likely include some time travel in the series, which is kind of a no brainer since the Flash has been known to use his powers to travel between dimensions and through time in the comics. It will be interesting to see the series develop the character, we often don’t see much of the villainous character’s development, most are just dropped into our laps until we get some long winded megalomaniac speech that explains why they are doing the terrible things they are doing.


The other character set to be introduced in the Flash series pilot, directed by David Nutter, is Cisco Ramon. A Hispanic hero who fights the good fight with his ability to emit powerful shock waves under the superhero name Vibe. Word is that he will not be super powered when he makes his debut, but will gain powers at a later point.

The series begins filming in Vancouver in March of next year. Hmm, right near where Arrow does a lot of its filming.

No casting news for wither character yet, but we’ll keep our ears to the Internet rail and let you know when we hear any rumblings.

Here’s a little taste of what Professor Zoom and the Flash fighting might be like:

Via: Bludhaven Banter

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