batman vs spider-man

With the multi-billion-dollar success of the UFC and mixed martial arts in general, the UK is looking to capitalize on the craze and get their own piece of the pie.  But rather than grabbing up a stable of seasoned fighters and adhering to all those pesky “rules” that most MMA organizations implement, they’ve decided to take pretty much every schmoe off the street and give them a chance to prove their mettle in a tourney.  Thus, the Hardest Man was born.  And, as if to make a point about how ridiculous all this is, they’ve even managed to get Spider-Man to face off against the team of Batman and Robin in a handicap match.  Check out the video below:

Yeah… Well, that was interesting to say the least. I guess that if you’re trying to make some cash off the back of professional MMA you might as well throw super heroes into the mix and see if you can sell a few more tickets.


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