As with all things circulating through the world of the Internetz (particularly those involving comic book films), please take this with a huge grain of salt.  There has been no official confirmation, but there is a slight buzz going on around the possibility of yet another famous Justice Leaguer being thrown into the Batman vs. Superman mix.  They’ve already got Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman on the table, so why not spice it up with a pinch of Green Lantern?

This follows on the tail end of a rumor that Denzel Washington had been approached to take on a role in B vs. S.  Most thought he might be up for Lex Luthor, but now some folks are saying that he will be jumping into the shoes of the John Stewart incarnation of the Green Lantern.

I must reiterate – it’s just a big pile of rumor right now.  But if it were true, what say the Nerd Readers?  Would you be happy with Washington donning the Green Lantern’s ring?

Rumor courtesy of Nuke the Fridge.

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