FF/X-Men Crossover Film Rumors are Apparently BS

ff and x-men

There’s been a little rumor floating about on the Internet, but apparently it’s just a load of BS (what? false rumors on the Internet? no way!). A fellow geek news site let some speculation fly that the folks over at Fox were planning on taking the two franchises they own – Fantastic Four and the X-Men – and bringing them together in a crossover film. But new information has confirmed that is not the case.

That’s not to say something like this won’t happen in the future, as Fox will certainly want to make money and throwing two massively popular properties together is one sure way of doing that. Of course, they still need to reboot Fantastic Four and do it well enough so that people will want to come back and see a second installment. Plus, they’ve got all those X-Men spin-offs in the works, so they’re pretty damn busy already.

So those that really thought this would be a good idea will have to sit on their hands and wait. And I’m guessing that wait will be a long, long time.


Thanks to The Mary Sue for the heads-up.

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