star wars rebels

As the time-table ticks down to the eventual premiere of the new animated Star Wars Rebels series, the powers-that-be are having plenty of fun teasing us about what to expect. There have been pictures, discussions, videos and all the usual marketing spam and now they’ve got something new for us – an action figure. Yup, they plan on selling the crap out of this thing (was there any doubt?) and now we get a first look at the series’ chief baddie, The Inquisitor. Scroll down to check him out.

inquisitor AF 1

Inquisitor AF 2

If you haven’t been keeping up on Star Wars Rebels (shame on you), the series will be premiering sometime in Fall of 2014 and will tell its story during the two-decades-long gap between Episode III and Episode IV, detailing the growth of the Empire and the subsequent formation and rise of the Rebel Alliance. And apparently this guy will be kicking some Jedi ass around.


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