Cosplayer Ends Up as Real DC Super Hero

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There are some Christmas presents that just beat the living crap out of everything else. Forget the new Playstation 4, shrug off the gift card packed with money and dismiss the promises of bizarre sexual favors from your significant other. When a famous comic company like DC decides they’re going to name one of their super heroes after you, there’s nothing that can compare. And that’s just what happened to one well-known cosplayer by the name of Eric “The Smoke” Moran.

While cataloguing their cast of characters, DC publisher Dan DiDio decided that he was going to rename one in particular. The character is known as Freight Train and he appeared first in DC’s Outsiders, later showing up in Batman Inc. His name was originally said to be Cecil (last name unmentioned), but just a few days ago, Eric Moran received this info via Facebook:

dan didio FB post

Apparently DiDio is a fan of Moran’s cosplaying work. If you check out the pic of Moran below, you can kind of see why he might have come to mind when DiDio was dealing with the whole cataloguing thing.

eric moran

Yup, best Christmas present ever. Not to mention DC will now have a loyal Freight Train cosplayer running around the conventions. I mean, when the characters named after you, how do you not dress up as him?


Thanks to blastr for the heads-up.

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