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Kevin Smith is in the news this week. The musing fatman found himself in a Twitter controversy and had to implore his fanbase to stop the misogyny after the harassment of a blogger. On the brighter side, he’s got another a giant rapturing Jesus movie in the works.

Over the weekend, Writer/director Kevin Smith put out a tweet to a small time blogger Maggie Serota asking her “why the jab” when she reported Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back as one of the many films in the great Netflix purge of 2014 and how nobody will miss that one. Smith’s “why the jab” comment was harmless enough. It was clear to me that he meant nothing by it other than it being an “awe shucks” moment. What Smith didn’t take into account, however, was how calling out the blogger for her comment would unleash the fury of his fan. Oh how they descended upon the poor girl and eviscerated her soul with the meanest and most unkind personal attacks. Smith had apologized for several fans after Maggie Serota informed him of what was going on. You’d think that would have been the end of the matter, but then all hell broke loose when it was implied that Smith intended for this to happen, that he wanted Serota to be attacked in this way. Serota herself even believed it, saying “if @ThatKevinSmith didn’t want me to be harassed, then he would have asked me directly and not put me on blast to his feed”. Oh snap! The fire bellowed – feminists, Smith fans, and everyone in between came out of the word work and tweeted their two cents. Smith now in the most awkward of situations had to put the hammer down, and he did…

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Smith recounted the experience on his blog SilentBobSpeaks, and further addressed how uncool it is to degrade women:

“And if you like women, NEVER call them “cunts”. Or get vulgar with them at all. And if you like me or my stuff at all, then NEVER express yourself to ANYONE – woman or man – in misogynistic terms. This is important to me. Even before I was married and had a daughter, this was important to me. The Jay character aside, I’ve always tried to imbue the characters in my flicks with nothing but respect for women. If my movies have made you feel it’s okay to reduce another human being by labeling them a “bitch” or a “cunt”, then I was an even worse filmmaker than I thought.”

Bravo to Smith for being loud on the matter of misogyny, but how unfortunate it is that he had to say something in the first place. “That’s the Internet for you, that’s how it is” should be no ones response to how this situation went down. Anonymity does not give you the right to be an asshole. Why is it so hard for people to not be dicks to each other? *shakes head*

In better Kevin Smith news, the once retired director is poised to churn out another project.When Red State came and went in 2011 Smith said he would follow it with his final film, the hockey story Hit Somebody. That still has yet to see the light have day, and has gone from movie to proposed television series. Smith then surprised many with the pending development of Clerks III  but that’s on the back burner as he is in the middle of his weird horror film Tusk. As if he doesn’t have enough on his plate, Smith not wants to make Helena Handbag. 
Based on a Smodcast story by he and longtime producer Scott Mosier, Helena Handbag has “mankind teaming up with Hell to save existence from extinction at the hands of a Rapturing giant Jesus.”
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Admittedly, I thought “Rapturing giant Jesus” meant a holy a velociraptor, but Smiths idea is just as good sans Dinosaur.
I know people are gonna rag on Smith for backing down from his retirement plan, but I’m happy to see him newly inspired to make movies again. Besides, those hockey jerseys he wears won’t pay for themselves.

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