While the answer may be obvious to some, after watching the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead, others may be questioning if we have finally seen the last of The Governor. In a recent interview, David Morrissey sheds some light on this, but beware of *****SPOILERS***** if you have yet to catch up on The Walking Dead.

Again, *****SPOILERS!*****

This is something that I, personally, have been debating ever since watching the episode. While people act like I’m nuts, and they may be right, I can’t help but wonder why we we’re never shown that final gunshot that supposedly killed The Governor once and for all. Of course, I’m not sure of someone’s chances for survival after taking a sword through the chest with medical care, so I really don’t like the odds of him surviving in the zombified world of The Walking Dead… but I still wonder.

Well, it looks like I, and anyone else who had that sneaking suspicion, may have been on to something with that train of thought.

David Morrissey gave us rumormongers something to believe in when he didn’t outright deny the idea of him returning, in a recent interview with Press Association.

“I feel like a shady politician where I can’t confirm and I can’t deny anything. Certainly, bad things befell him at the end of the last episode but we just have to wait and see.”

I’m sure that everyone will be quick to point out other characters that have returned after their deaths via hallucinations, but I’m looking at the fact that Morrissey never says that The Governor died. He says that “bad things befell him,” and that we’ll “just have to wait and see,” so I’m taking that to mean that the door is still open for the character to make a living return to the show.

What do you think? Do you think The Governor somehow managed to survive the showdown at the prison in the mid-season finale and will make another dramatic return, or that I’m just crazy, and David Morrissey is referring to the character showing up through hallucinations/flashbacks? I just want to know why they cut away just before the gun shot…

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