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It’s pretty much par for the course these days that if you decide to make a super hero film, almost everyone involved will be forced to endure the wrath of the Internet fanboy-trolls. Whether it’s the hatred that Ben Affleck receives for being the next Batman or people crying out their displeasure over the size of Gal Gadot’s boobs, the form that this nerd rage takes ranges from critical assessment to just plain idiocy. It wasn’t so long ago that Jamie FoxxAmazing Spider-Man 2’s Electro – got his own earful (eyeful?) of Internet hate. Now, in a recent interview with Empire Magazine, Foxx let loose with some of his own opinions on how these things play out, along with a bit of insight into the character of Electro. Check it out below:

With regards to the constant stream of amateur nerd rage when it comes to super hero casting, Foxx had this to say:

“It used to be people would wait until they saw the film to decide their opinion. Now it’s, ‘Ben Affleck is Batman?! How [frick]ing dare you!’ What’s that all about? These blogs don’t like anything. Christian Bale. Heath Ledger. They weren’t happy – until they saw them. So you have to not give too much to it.”

He went on to talk about the somewhat controversial look of Electro in TASM2:

“We tried a few different versions of the look. There were some that involved a lot more blue, but this one just looked the best. And it cut the make-up down from four hours to about one-and-a-half, which is good for me. I like this suit. The suit works. It’s badass. I could wear this to the clubs.”

And then topped it off with a bit of insight into how he made the role of Electro his own:

“I didn’t want Electro to be funny at all. There were lines I thought he shouldn’t say…this is a man who’s angry. He’s mad at the gods. He’s just using Spider-Man and these people as an excuse to act out and be evil. The voice is from me watching Clint Eastwood and Alec Baldwin. The great whisperers.”

Though I wasn’t an amazing fan of the first Marc Webb Spider-Man incarnation, I am looking forward to this one. Electro, Goblin and Rhino are three classic baddies and it should be loads of fun to see them all up on the screen. I’ll reserve my hatred and rage for after I’ve seen the flick, like all good critics should.


Thanks to ComicBookMovie for the heads-up.

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