Though we never got around to giving Frozen a proper review here on the site, it didn’t slip by unnoticed. For Disney it was a triumph not only for their incredible animation of wintry snow and ice, but its songs harkened back to their smash hit musicals The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast. Everything was perfect–up until the very, very end when the movie kind of forget it was a musical.

I didn’t even notice this while I was watching the film, guess I was too wrapped up in the climax, but upon listening to the soundtrack the last musical number is a comical one sung by a bunch of trolls. A good number, don’t get me wrong, but an odd one and not a song that gives a sense of closure.

Saving the film’s finale and giving the ending the emotional reprise it so desperately called for are super fans, Phananigans and Scarlet-Glow. Phananigans wrote the short reprise, which calls back to the touching number, “Do You Want to Build a Snowman,” and Scarlet-Glow sang and recorded it. Pretty marvelously, I’ll add, considering she’s imitating Idina Menzel’s Elsa.

SPOILERS, obiously, if you haven’t seen the film. This reprise would come right at the end, after Anna’s been frozen.

“Yes I wanna build a snowman…
I’m sorry that it took so long…
I didn’t know I needed you…I really do…
and now you’re gone…
please…just ask me once more…

just one more time…I promise I’ll open the door
…yes I wanna build a snowman…”

Wonderful, right? And it gives Frozen a bit more emotional weight to really drive home its endearing ending.

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