A week doesn’t go by without a wild rumor appearing about DC and Warner Bros.’ future movie plans. There’s already plenty of rumors claiming more characters than the titular two (+ Wondy) are appearing in Batman vs. Superman. So much so, it’s beginning to look a lot more like league of justice or something. Perhaps a gathering of super friends? Anyway, with the latest rumors suggesting the Green Lantern, John Stewart will be appearing played by Denzel Washington (!?!) and another saying it’ll be Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson wearing the green ring, it’s really just another week on the internet, isn’t it?

Only yesterday we reported Johnson had confirmed a meeting with WB. This set the internet ablaze with fannish glee and even more speculation. Knowing that, this newest rumor could very well only be more fan rumor mongering, but here it is anyway from ThinkMcFlyThink‘s Peter Georgiou,

Nothing more than a tweet, but it’s already a rumor I like the sound of more than anything else. Moving right on to Stewart avoids addressing the whole Hal Jordan/Ryan Reynolds fiasco. Stewart also fills their sorely lacking quota of minority roles. And come on, it’s The Rock, he can handle Stewart’s tough military attitude and his softer side quite easily. Denzel would also be an acceptable choice, but I and surely other fans would prefer to see Johnson in the role. He’s got that larger than life presence simply screaming to be cast in a superhero flick.

Plus, Johnson himself already seems interested in the role, tweeting months ago,

What say you Bastards? Was The Rock’s meeting with WB about him becoming the next Green Lantern of the DC movie-verse?

Source: Twitter via Blastr

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