A little over a week ago, we witnessed the regeneration of The Doctor into his twelfth incarnation, and the course is set for the next season of Doctor Who as Peter Capaldi now takes up the role. Now, with several months till the series 8 premiere, we have nothing to do but speculate about what the future of Who may entail, and Steven Moffat is helping us out by feeding the beast. So what villain may be The Doctor’s Big Bad for series 8? Which friends will be making a comeback? Read on.

The news today comes from Doctor Who TV, who kicks off with the suggestion that series 8 will begin in Victorian times  as The Doctor and Clara (Jenna Coleman) will be joined by Madame Vastra (Neve McIntosh), Jenny Flint (Catrin Stewart) and Strax (Dan Starkey), who last appeared in “The Name of The Doctor.” Also rumored to be re-appearing in the season premiere are the Daleks, The Doctor’s most persistent nemeses.

Another enemy mentioned to be making a comeback are the Ice Warriors, who appeared in last season’s “Cold War” after not appearing on the show for nearly 40 years. But the bad guy that The Doctor really needs to watch out for is The Master. Sources say that The Master will be back to plague his arch-nemesis in series 8, though it will be unlikely that John Simm will be back to portray him.

Which brings us to River Song. The Doctor’s wife, and her portrayer Alex Kingston, will also be back to check in on her husband and his new face, saying in October that, “I look forward to sharing more of her with you in the future, but … spoilers!”

Behind the scenes, Mark Gatiss, Neil Cross and Gareth Roberts will be back to pen scripts. Neil Gaiman, Chris Chibnall, Tom MacRae and Jack Lothian may also be available to tell the further adventures of the Time Lord and his magical box.

As for the man in charge, he says that all this familiarity for the new Doctor is purposeful.

“This time I’ve made sure we’ve got a bunch of characters around him so that we can have a new Doctor introduced and we can push that Doctor a bit further if you’ve got a familiar world around him.” Moffat also said Capaldi is going to be an older, trickier and fiercer Doctor. “I think the fun story will be – and we have the opportunity here – is this is what regeneration can do to you. He can be very, very different.” Moffat later added: “Now it’s time for the old beast to snarl at you for a bit!”

I think a lot of fans are looking forward to that snarling Doctor, but we’ll have to simmer about it till sometime later this year.

More Who news as it develops.

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