If you’re already up to date with every episode of AMC‘s The Walking Dead, then you might have skipped the Holiday marathon last week and missed a couple of season four teasers that were slipped into the mix.

I’m not even going to put up a spoiler alert, because anyone that clicks on this post after that title and doesn’t expect to see some new information deserves to have their junk spoiled.

As the mid-season four break ended, everyone was fleeing the prison, most of these teasers take up right after we last saw our band of survivors. Except perhaps the first one with Glenn. Man, that guy sure knows how to get himself into a fix doesn’t he? We might never see how he got off the bus and up there, unless Glenn tells his tale to the rest when they meet back up.

Next up is Carl. Looks like he finally taken everyone’s advise and stayed in the house. Rule number 28 of a Zombie Apocalypse: Never open the door, even if they moan that their selling Girl Scout Cookies.

Now we’ve got Beth and Darryl on the run. What do you think, will Darryl finally find a love interest in Beth? I don’t think it will happen, Darryl will take the big brother approach to Beth. On a side note: could Darryl be the Dumbledore of The Walking Dead?

Last, but definitely not least is fan favorite Michonne. Not much of a surprise there, she is great at moving around at ease when a ton of walkers show up.

What did you think? Nothing earth shattering, but nice to see how the group is split up. Hopefully we’ll get some more to tide us over until the series returns in February.

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