Paul Verhoeven has directed a lot of extravagant and iconic films in his time. His work is famous for explicit content and social satire. Robocop, Total Recall, Basic Instinct and Show Girls, are but a few and are well known for their explicit use of sex and violence and although most of his films did not always receive well, they became instant cult classics.

On the 11th of January there will be an art exhibit taking a place in Amsterdam (yeah, that Amsterdam) courtesy of R-rated Memories celebrating the director and his works. 20+ international Illustrators have made unique posters, inspired by Verhoeven; father of many famous movies and characters. They’re awesome, and you’ll want them – nostalgia and art , you know you love it! Check out the preview gallery below:

For those lucky enough to attend, here’s some deets on the event. Buy me a poster would yeah?

On Saturday the 11th of January at Roest Amsterdam from 21.00 till 3.00 R-rated Memories will kick off with an opening party! Have a drink, buy some art and dance to DJ’s Setisound, MikeyNice and Stijn Sadée. All profit will go to a good cause, by buying a poster you will donate to the Prince Claus Fund

For those who cannot attend or score posters indirectly, then check out these two video vignettes. WARNING, they are explicit (would you expect anything less from Verhoeven?), definitely NSFW!

The most gore Paul Verhoeven movies from boyswithbeards on Vimeo.

The most sexy R-rated memories from boyswithbeards on Vimeo.

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