RoboCop Trailer Madness!


Jose Padilha‘s long delayed RoboCop reboot starring Joel Kinnaman as the eponymous law-enforcing cyborg is shaping up to be the first big Nerd Cinema feeding frenzy of 2014.  And today, we’ve got a total of FOUR Robo-Adverts that should give you a good indication as to why (trailers start after the jump). 

Above is the first American TV spot via ComingSoon–just a taste, really…not much to sink your teeth into.

The next two ads are from Sony’s Taiwanese YouTube page and come to us courtesy of CBM (be warned: The second trailer is essentially just the latter half of the first…not saying don’t watch it–just don’t expect any surprises)

Okay, this actually looks pretty cool 🙂

I like how the focus has been taken off one single city (Detroit), and the idea that ED-209s are keeping the peace all over the world–EXCEPT in backward, robophobic ‘Murica (“Dem row-bots took r jobz! DEY TUK ARR JABZ!!!”)

And how can you not love the cast?

Samuel L. Jackson, Jay Baruchel, Michael Keaton (who apparently is NOT dead), Gary Oldman AND Jackie Earle Haley? I’d see this film just to watch these guys…I only hope their performances aren’t buried in a film that’s sure to be about 75% CGI.

Finally, here’s the theatrical trailer, in case anybody missed it:

RoboCop is scheduled for release on February 12–though with how many times this film has been delayed, I’d appreciate it if you didn’t hold me to that 😉

Source: Cinemablend

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