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Back in the day, once Episode VI had concluded and George Lucas had no plans for continuing the production of films in the Star Wars universe, the stories that we know and love transitioned. Books, comic books and video games have added a lot to the world over the years, not all of it falling completely in line with the movies. And then, when Lucas returned to make Episodes I-III, he pretty much ignored those additions and things got really crazy. Now, Team Disney is looking to set things straight so that their bombardment of new episodes, cartoons and spin-offs maintain some sort of continuity.

A group of Lucasfilm execs is sitting down and going through all-things Star Wars in order to weed out that which would destroy their consistency. They will find what works, toss out that which does not and thus create the “official” canon of the new Disney-owned franchise. From there, a committee – Story Board – will be responsible for keeping all future productions in line.

Good news for continuity junkies, not-so-good news for lovers of the Star Wars Expanded Universe. At least there’s a decent chance that they’ll end up adapting some of those EU stories into proper films and making them official. Right? Please? Admiral Thrawn, maybe?


Thanks to blastr for the heads-up.

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