You can learn a lot about a person by asking which film is their favorite from the Alien franchise. If they say something besides Alien or Aliens, you know you can rule out their opinion right there. Seriously, who’s favorite is Aliens 3 or any of the AvPs? Were they to answer Aliens then you know they like lots of action, big guns, and ladies who can kick a serious amount of xenomorph ass. But if the original flick, Alien, is their favorite then clearly they go in for the more cerebral, horror flick where a lady still kicks xenomorph ass but is also terrified she’ll be attacked from around every corner. If you fall into that last category, then Creative Assembly and SEGA have made Alien: Isolation just for you.

It’s the most promising Alien game in years and ties itself even more closely to Alien and Aliens by having its protagonist be none other than Ellen Ripley’s daughter, Amanda. Yes, yes, we were told in Aliens she died but who’s to say that was the whole truth? Alien: Isolation will not only answer that question, but explore other scenarios like “what might have happened if a crew went out to seek the missing Nostromo?” and “what if Amanda Ripley was brought in once some evidence of the ship was found?”

Below are two videos, the first a teaser trailer for the Xbox One and the second featuring gameplay footage from the PS4. Alien: Isolation will also be available for PC.

As you can see, there’s a strong focus on inspiring fear and survival over coming in guns blazing. The main conflict is an unprepared Amanda versus one xenomorph, and the whole scenario looks absolutely terrifying.

Alien: Isolation is expected for a late 2014 release. What are you thinking? Is Alien: Isolation already one of the most anticipated games of 2014?

Source: Kotaku

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