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It’s rare enough when a comic series decides to kill one of its characters, rarer still when the character to get the axe is someone that’s been around for half-a-century. But Marvel is taking the plunge and offing someone that’s been with them for a very, very long time – The Watcher.

The monumental event shall take place in the Original Sin eight-issue mini-series that Marvel plans to release this summer. Written by Jason Aaron with art from Mike Deodato, Jr., the series is being billed as a mystery story, complete with super-powered investigators trying to track down Uatu’s murderers.

Recently, Aaron participated in a live chat and went into some of the details of Original Sin. The main meat-and-bones of it is as follows:

– The story will begin with a dead Watcher and progress from there, though he’s apparently not the only one that’s been targeted.
– A host of super heroes will show up to solve the mystery, including Thor, Captain America, Dr. Strange, Wolverine, Black Panther, Moon Knight, Punisher, Emma Frost, Ant-Man, Winter Soldier, Gamora, Iron Man, Black Widow, Nick Fury and more.
– The villains will come as a surprise to readers, not being what they might expect.
– Some of The Watcher’s secrets will be revealed and they will have a huge impact on the Marvel Universe.

If you want to read the entire interview, head over to and check it out. Me, I’ll be spending my time in mourning. I know he had a huge head, but I really liked The Watcher…


Thanks to Topless Robot for the heads-up.

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