Love him or hate him, you have to admit that Michael Bay‘s decision to include the Dinobots in the upcoming Transformer: Age of Extinction (AKA: Trans4formers) is a pretty brazen. After all, things that make sense in a cartoon, like creating advanced transforming robots based on dinosaur remains right down to the walnut-sized brains, defy common logic when you’re making a live-action movie. (But on the other hand, if you just noted that this is a Michael Bay movie and logic need not apply, fair enough.) Still, I’ll I bet you’re dying to know what the Dinobots are going to look like, aren’t you? Excellent! Because we have another sneaky spy pic for you…

First of all, where did we find it? It first appeared on Seibertron and got passed along on Superhero Hype. From the looks of it, the pictures are of the packaging the future toys will come in, and they give a pretty compelling hint at what Bay’s Dinobots might look like, and from all appearances we should be thinking less about the 80s cartoon and more Jurassic Park. Check it out four yourself in the two images below:

Oh, and by the way, your first sneak peak at Transformers: Age of Extinction will happen during the Super Bowl on February 2. The movie itself comes out on June 27.

More news as it develops.

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