Sherlock: A Study In Pink

You don’t know yet how he comes back. You don’t yet know if he does come back. You don’t yet know how his partner will cope with that emotional roller coaster. But in the end it doesn’t matter because one thing’s for sure: three is not enough for Sherlock. Season three has come and gone in Britain, and even though it hasn’t premiered yet in the U.S., Sherlock is ready and raring to go for a fourth season according to showrunner Steven Moffit.

In an interview with The Guardian* following the airing of the third and final episode of season three, Moffit confirmed that a fourth season of Sherlock is in the cards. Without spoiling anything, there’s already been some though out into where he and the writers want to take the dynamic duo next. “We have got plans, they tend to be what exciting twists and turns we can have. Not blowing up the world” Moffit said briefly about season four.

*By the way, don’t click on that link if you want to be spoiler-free for season three.

So yay! another season of Sherlock after this one. But when will we see it? That’s an even better question than “If” because we have two actors, Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, with seriously busy schedules that have to in some way coalesce. It was two years between seasons two and three, so how long till we get to see season four? Three years? Time, obviously, will tell.

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Sherlock premieres January 19 on PBS.

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