Sometimes I think we should just have a scrum with Alan Moore and keep repeating the same question over and over again, “Who else do you hate?!” In a new (and lengthy) interview, Moore talked about a great many things, but what stuck out was the revelation of the one man who he blames, more than any other, for all the terribleness that has befallen the modern comic book industry. And this devil’s name, is Grant Morrison!

In an interview with blogger Padraig O’ Mealoid, Moore gives a florid and long-winded explanation why he hates Morrison and how he doesn’t invest a whole lot of time into thinking about him. Here’s what Moore had to say:

….for thirty years I have had to patiently endure the craven and bitchy hostility of someone who, when I bother to think of him at all, I think of as a Scottish tribute band. While he is clearly not the only reason why I have come to feel actual revulsion for the greater part of today’s comic world, he has probably done more than any other single individual to foul its atmosphere and make it unbreathable with his ongoing reeking incontinence – and that, believe me, is in a field where he has enjoyed a great deal of vigorous competition. There are perhaps a dozen or so people in the industry that I respect immensely and with whom I am delighted to both work and remain in contact, but the rest of it is a comic world that I don’t wish to take any part in…It’s hard to see how my withdrawal is going to greatly inconvenience anyone, and Grant Morrison will have finally vindicated all those long years of effort by at last getting my full attention for a few hours.

Take that Morrison! Have fun crying yourself to sleep tonight you Scottish tribute band!

Check out the interview if you have time. Moore talks about why there may not be many more of them, some of his career controversies, and why you better not hand him a copy of Watchmen or V for Vendetta to autograph.

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