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The last two seasons of Doctor Who have been divided affairs. That’s not to say that they were divisive (although in some circles they kind of were), but rather that they were split into two nearly equal halves separated by several months of hiatus. That will change with the coming new series of Who, and the rookie season of Doctor #12 Peter Capaldi as there will be no extra waiting to see the whole season in 2014, and the next season beyond(?). That news comes straight from the man in charge, Steven Moffat. According to showrunner Moffat, fans will be able to enjoy the next run of Doctor Who entirely uninterrupted, and Moffat doubled down on the promise by saying season nine will also air uninterrupted when it premieres in 2015. This news comes as filmming on season eight continues to get underway in the U.K.

“We’re not going to do splits [in series eight], and the same format will repeat exactly the following year like that – so it will be the traditional form,” said Moffat in his exact quote.

The writer/producer also added that series eight will kick-off “in the summer.” Exact dates are probably up to BBC and its partners, but it’s certainly a bit better news for Whovians than the previously discussed fall debut. So it seems likely that the show will run series 8 from beginning to end, starting sometime in the summer summer to some point in the fall, and will probably be followed by the inevitable Christmas special before series 9 premieres sometime in 2015.

More Who news as it materializes from the vortex.

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