Shia La Beouf Retires Over Twitter


That is, Shia LaBeouf retires by means of Twitter–not Shia La Beouf retires BECAUSE of Twitter…

Although, when you consider the things being said about the Transformers franchise star via social media lately, perhaps the latter interpretation is more apt than I thought (more after the jump). 

Last month LaBeouf directed a short film called–a subversively satirical piece about a fictional film critic. Turns out the film was ripped off without an ounce of credit from a comic strip by Daniel Clowes, leading to legal and copyright issues galore.

LaBeouf eventually apologized for the plagiarism in a series of Tweets (which are currently password protected for legal reasons)…only to have it revealed that his apology WAS ITSELF plagiarized!

This is the point where I begin to suspect we’re all the butt of some kind of elaborate–yet stupid prank….Like something Andy Kaufman would come up with after a lobotomy.

And–for his “grand finale”–today the actor (whom I will always remember liking in Constantine–regardless of anything that came after) has informed the Twitterverse that they won’t have Shia to kick around anymore:


Anyone else hear the nasally tones of Eric Cartman saying “SCREW YOU GUYS, I’M GOING HOME!” in their heads?

Assuming this is legit, it seems like the petulant overreaction of a spoiled child. You fucked up, Shia–that’s nobody’s fault but yours…and trust me: Hollywood will survive just fine without you.

Source: /Film

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