Welcome to the new Marvel dome. It… it’s so round!

Kept under wraps until now, Hero Ventures has released to the world the very first imagery associated with The Marvel Experience, an external rendering of it’s proposed 2-acre footprint and dome complex (as said, round). If I have one rule, it’s to never trust anything inside a tent (I got a thing about clowns which I’d rather not go into). In this case, however, I’ll make an exception. Fear of Carnies be damned, a traveling circus park themed around Marvel’s A-List super heroes has got the be like the funnest thing ever, right? Based on the description below, it sure does.

According to Forbes, the Marvel Experience is

“a massive six-story high dome as big as two football fields. It includes 4D rides and games like a state-of-the-art amusement park. And it features 3D animation, virtual reality, and hologram simulations, all within an actual storyline that lets you become part of the Marvel Comics world of superheroes and experience it directly — including seeing and interacting with some of those characters. It’s The Marvel Experience, a the traveling theme park created by the themed entertainment company Hero Ventures in partnership with Marvel Entertainment, and it’s coming your way this year.”

Aww man, I wanna go! At this point, the details are painfully obscure: This traveling theme park will tour in 2014, but we don’t know exactly when. You can expect a steady stream of additional releases, highlighting interior dome images, characters and our tour schedule, as well as other tidbits in the coming months.

Oh, oh, do you think they’ll have a Black Widow ride? I mean how many chances in life do you get to say “I rode/hurled on Black Widow?”

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