After a long wait (longer for American fans) Lost Girl returns for its fourth season, and perplexingly it kicks off without its charming heroine. Of course, you know that Bo, the unaligned succubus/superhero at the center of the show, was plucked from the world with only a Wanderer tarot card left where she stood in the season three finale, so it would make sense that Bo would be gone for practical reason for this premiere. So why does nobody remember Bo? Not her would-be boyfriend, not her BFF, not her grandfather, mother, frenemy or anyone else in the fae world that’s crossed paths with her? That question is at the heart of “In Memoriam.”

What’s fascinating is the way the deck’s been reshuffled. Kenzi, once the human sidekick, is now a lone wolf with a Syndey Bristow complex. She breaks in to a warehouse to have a gander at some top secret basket of goodies that belongs to the Una mens, a group of fae who are in charge of enforcing the blood laws. Apparently, things in “the colonies” have gotten a bit out of control the last couple of years, so the Una mens are coming to set things straight. With the Una mens pending arrival, with a mission to make sure everyone gets back to coloring inside the lines, everyone’s struggling with the big question mark that hangs over their collective futures. So naturally, the situation calls for one last bash before the Una mens start… Whatever it is they’re coming to do.

With tensions running high, the last thing our cast of characters need is a conspiracy, but that’s what they get when Aife walks through Kenzi’s door. What’s disturbing is that Aife thinks she had a daughter named Bo, and she even has a picture of her. What’s more disturbing is that Kenzi and Dyson seem to have a thing, even though Kenzi and Hale are now in each other’s romantic orbit. (“Do terrorists smell like sunflowers and chardonnay?” Hale not so subtly ponders out of loud.) When Trick later sees the picture of Bo, he literally has a physical reaction. Something very bad is afoot, and the answer is literally in the eye of the beholder.

A telltale mark in the eye reveals that everyone’s minds been messed with, and Dr. Snook, a fae that specializes in hypnosis, swears up and down it wasn’t him. Instead, Kenzi will have to get a magical compass from an Amphisbaena fae called “The Collector,” which should reset everyone’s memory allowing them to remember what’s been forgotten. The Collector likes a show, so Kenzi and Hale tango, but there chemistry’s a bit off, so Dyson taps in to perform a three-way tango, which is very Lost Girl. It’s the key to getting the final rose (“How original”), and access to The Collector.

For Lost Girl season four, “stunt casting” seems to be the watch word. At the party we meet Clio played by Mia Kirshner (24, Defiance), she’s a nymph and that means everything your dirty mind has already divined it to mean, and she’s got her eyes on Dyson. Mad props to the wolf for playing it super cool though. The party itself is hosted by The Collector, who is named Angorum and played by George Takei, who is clearly relishing the idea of playing a giant, girl eating snake. The whole hissing his ses things was kind of silly, but it ended up being the kind of camp that works in the moment on Lost Girl. Also, kudos for Angorum’s last gasp, “Oh my.”

Raiders of the Lost Ark gets a couple of shout outs, from Kenzi’s basket investigation and quip “let’s hope this Ark contains less face melty goodness,” to the Collector’s Area 51 like lair filled with mysterious crates. Other mysteries we don’t get answer to are the whereabouts of Tamsin. Dyson’s looking, having survived their season three run off a cliff, but only because he shifted, but that mystery will have to be solved in a future installment, especially since the Valkyrie was the last person to see Bo in the flesh. The also MIA Lauren does appears though, and on the lam from the fae she’s doing what fugitives always seem to do, change her hair color and get a restaurant job. When the spell is lifted, she too remembers Bo, but what can she do about it, and is she in a position to do anything about it? It was pretty touching though that Kenzi called to check up on the Doc even though she knew Lauren was on the run.

Kenzi’s got bigger problems though. She’s been passing herself off as fae with borrowed powers from a sprite that makes her look like Jubilee of X-Men fame. Her powers peddler, a fae named Massimo, says that she’s behind in her payments, and you can be darn sure that thread will be revisited as the season goes along. (And why was Kenzi looking for a way to permanently become fae? I hope that gets expanded upon too.) Another story thread cut short is Trick’s reunion with Aife. Why was she touched to see her father before she gets her memory back, and why does she go psycho on him when she does get it back?

Speaking of psycho, Vex has some prime moments, not the least of which was his Hellraiser Mad Hatter outfit for Angorum’s party. Vex now sits on the throne of The Morrigan, but Evony isn’t as dead as Vex wants people to think, and he didn’t get the job because “it’s what Miss Died-in-a-Toilet would have wanted.” As Kenzi deals with her snake drama (another Indiana Jones reference?), Hale has a fight with Vex which would be almost bad ass if it weren’t for the fact we’re talking about two of the biggest male clotheshorses on the show. Still, props to Vex for making the biggest impression of any party crasher since The Joker ruined Harvey Dent’s fundraiser.

The episode ends with a couple of compelling tags, one is of the Una mens’ basket which starts spewing black goo, making it right at home on SyFy with Friday’s premiere of Helix, which also features copious amounts of black goo. The final shot is of Bo, a close-up of her eyes as they open to reveal those bright blue eyes that indicate hunger. Why is Bo hungry? Where is she hungry? And how will the gang go about finding her? Stay tuned next week.

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