For a fleeting moment this evening, Donal Logue from the short lived show Terriers (or you may remember him as Jimmy the Cab Driver from those annoying series of MTV promos) was said to have been cast as Commissioner Gordon in the upcoming Gotham TV show. That was until we at Nerd Bastard asked Donal Logue himself (which strangely no other sources did), who quickly denounced the rumor.

The rumor came from Latino Review (who normally has a lot of credibility for stuff like this) had been offered the part of Gordon in Gotham – a new series which depicts Bruce Wayne as a teen, and most of the famous villains before they became the characters we’re familiar with.

Taking to Twitter, we asked Logue about it:

@donallogue wacky internet rumor says you’re Commissioner Gordon on ‘Gotham’. Deny or give us a wink that it’s true”

Logue tweeted back saying:

Screen Shot 2014-01-14 at 11.42.05 PM

With all due respect to Logue (I mean he did Tweet us back after all) he is aged out of what they are doing with this Gotham show.

But there you have it. Baseless speculation/anonymous sourcing making news (and CLICKS), to which is once again squashed by the source directly. Welcome to the Internet!

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