Sure, it’s pretty hard to imagine Khal Drogo and Aquaman as portrayed by the same man. They’re both tough guys – yes he is! don’t start with me Aqua-haters – but of a totally different caliber of strength. One is massive, burly, the other is sinewy and lean, but if what Badass Digest has learned is correct Jason Momoa‘s meeting with Warner Bros. was about him potentially playing Aquaman for the upcoming Justice League movie.

According to Badass Digest, they’ve heard from a “very, very trusted source” Momoa is up for Aquaman (though the actor denies this). Obviously, the credibility of such “news” should always be called in to question, but let’s pretend this is for realsies. Even if Momoa isn’t cast as Aquaman the fact WB is looking at someone of Momoa’s stature and physique is telling.

The Aquaman rumored to appear as a cameo in Batman vs. Superman, leading to a larger role in Justice League, won’t be the blonde sea captain’s son starring in the current run of Aquaman comics. I’m not saying I expect a vastly different origin – then again, who knows at this point? – but the first cinematic Aquaman may look more like the Aquaman from Peter David’s run, hook hand and all, or like the Aquaman of another universe à la Flashpoint or Justice League Unlimited. Clearly, the Aquaman of Zack Snyder’s dark, bleak re-imagining of the DC Universe won’t be splashing around in orange scales and tight green pants.

As a big fan of the more traditional Aquaman, I’m a little disappointed. Years ago when Alexander Skarsgard’s name was being tossed around for Arthur Curry that was perfect casting. But Momoa? I’m still struggling to see it.

Of course, after seeing Momoa’s turn as a beach hunk in this Lifetime movie, Tempted, I just might reconsider (via Screen Rant). Plus, the guy’s got Baywatch experience, meaning he basically already has “aquatic super hero” on his resumé.

Is the mighty Khal the Aquaman for you? If not, who d’ya think would make a better King of the Seven Seas?

Source: Badass Digest

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