In a recent interview with Spoiler TV, Stephen Amell gave us an idea of what fans could expect from the last 14 episodes of Arrow Season 2. With the heavy influx of established DC characters and constantly dropping hints at even more, what they are working towards? Something epic, according to the show’s star.

On the topic of why the show has grown in its exponentially better second season, Amell gives credit to the overall expansion of the show’s world as well as his supporting cast,

Just that the world gets bigger. Some of our best episodes in our second season have been episodes where I wasn’t really the primary focus. Episode 6 was very much David Ramsey’s episode. Episode 8 is Grant Gustin’s episode as Barry Allen. Episode 11 is very much Katie Cassidy’s episode. Episode 13 is very much the Lance family. And I’m talking about episodes that we haven’t gotten to yet. But building the world is important because […] one person cannot carry a show. We have a phenomenal supporting cast, and giving them more to do makes my life way better.

Of the episodes he mentioned that we’ve seen, it’s not surprising they’re the ones that have stood out. One of the other stand out episodes is the “League of Assassins” episode, which also primarily focused on Canary and her time on the island. The supporting cast has really grown, so much so that one character is going on to the brand new Flash show during this season’s second half.

What has me the most excited, though, is what Amell says about this season’s payoff, and what some of the things that have been hinted at actually mean,

We don’t say a character’s name unless that character is going to factor in. We don’t hint at something unless we’re going to pay it off. So I know that at the end of episode 14, we end in a spot where we get our first glimpse on where we are going to end after 23 episodes. That’s what I’m most excited about because I want people to see it.

If that isn’t confirmation Ra’s al Ghul will be showing up – whose name has been dropped numerous times on the show – then I don’t know what is! This makes sense, just as we got the hints leading to Barry Allen’s arrival in Starling City, but what will Ra’s al Ghul’s presence mean for Oliver and the crew? And are we ever going to get any payoff on that Bludhaven reference from way back in the first season? Keep those fingers crossed for Nightwing, folks.

Finally, Amell fills us in on why so many villains and heroes just happen to be coming Starling, and it isn’t just coincidence.

What we are building towards in the second season is very much one giant group on one side and one giant group on the other side and just, “Toosh,” like that, coming head‑to‑head. So we are populating our world in the second season for a very specific reason, and I can’t wait to see the results.

Team Arrow vs. Team Deathstroke, perhaps? Or will we see all of Starling’s heroes and villains team up to stop the League of Assassins when they inevitably show up? There are so many directions to go at this point, which is one of the reasons I love the show. So many characters and stories are in play, this super clash could go down any number of ways; the bottom line is that we know it’s going to happen.

What are you hoping to see in this season? Let us know, and be sure to tune in when Arrow returns from its hiatus tomorrow night on The CW!


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