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ABOVE: That time the Police from Solihull, West Midlands in the UK used a Lord of the Rings reference as their strategy in  trying to find a missing ring. Isn’t that just previous? [TheMarySue] flashette

Haley Taylor cosplays as a bedazzled Flash. I wonder if she’s got some Vajazzaling going on as well. That would be flashy.  [Comic Book Cosplay]


If you’ve ever wondered what your favorite Disney characters would look like in a real life version of Disney Classics. The above springs from the mind of DeviantARTist Avalonis (aka Karen Graw). [IncredibleThings]


Star Trek Red Shirt Plush Dog Chew Toy. Aww, look at the poor guys face. It’s like he’s already accepted his fate.  [ThinkGeek]

By the ancients, this unauthorized He-Man game is awesome. [Kotaku]

Massive Audio has made the world’s largest and loudest Bluetooth speaker in the shape of a Dalek from Doctor Who. Why? Do you really have to ask when it comes to Doctor Who Fans? Those guys and gals do all kinds of crazy stuff every day. The Internet is full of it. [CNET]

Star Trek the Derp edition. When your Derpping goes where no Derpping has gone before. It is a good day to Derp. Set Phasers to Derp!  Wait . . . wait, I’m sure there’s at least one more in me . . . [Straining noises] yea . . . yea . . . He’s Derp Jim! Whew, that was quite taxing.[Dorkly]

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