Watch Murphy Shoot Bullets in New ‘Robocop’ Clip

robocop 2014

There are many out there with mixed feelings regarding the upcoming Robocop reboot.  And, of course, there are others that are screaming bloody murder about the whole affair.  But in order to judge a movie recipe, you must first have a taste of it.  So the powers-that-be have, with just a few short weeks before release, decided to grace us with a clip from the movie.  Check out Robo-Murphy shooting his guns at robot enemies during his field test in the video below.

Well… I normally like to remain optimistic about these things, but that was kinda lame. Even the one line of dialogue that Murphy belts out at the beginning feels like he just squeezed it out of his butt after a long night of sucking down cheese martinis. I was kind of hopeful for this one, but, alas, the folks at MGM have done nothing to bolster my confidence.

Check out the new Robocop (or don’t) when it hits theaters on February 12th.


Thanks to screenrant for the heads-up.

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