Another week, another batch of Star Wars Episode VII rumors have zoomed around the internet, but what’s legit, and what’s, to borrow a phrase, poppycock? In a new article, Latino Review tries to shed light on the matter, what rumors carry water, and which ones are less than probable. Any discussion about the film, they say, is being kept under tight lock and key by Disney, but apparently enough details have gotten out to give us an indication of what’s real and what’s not about the development of Episode VII.

To begin with, what about this matter of original screenwriter Michael Arndt being replaced by Lawrence Kasdan and director J.J. Abrams? It turns out that the root of the issue was Arndt’s desire to make the film about the Solo kids, while Abrams wanted to make it about the Skywalker brood. Abrams won, and the script is being reshaped to suit that vision. “Mark Hamill’s part has been beefed up so much he might end up shooting 6 months on the movie, our source estimated,” according to Latino Review.

Along those lines, the site says that the recently discussed Breaking Bad actor Jesse Plemons is up for the role of Ben Skywalker, Luke’s son. Latino Review says that Ben will be “the main protagonist of Episode VIII,” after presumably having the torched passed to him by papa Luke in Episode VII. For Plemons, they say it’s basically a done deal, but when he is announced it wouldn’t be with any character description attached, which is much the same way they announced the cast of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace back in 1997.

In other offspring news, Latino Review’s source says that despite rumors to the contrary, Obi-Wan Kenobi will not have a direct descendent in the film. However, Obi-Wan’s family will play a part with a niece, a nephew or a cousin maybe. Just don’t expect their to be an Obi-Wan Junior or an Obi-Wan the Third in the mix.

Finally, there’s news on a Star Wars movie that’s not Episode VII. That Boba Fett solo film that Kasdan’s supposedly working on is going to be a thing and it will be released in 2018. More importantly though, Kasdan is reportedly aiming to retcon the origin of the character. According to sources, the script will tell how a stranger kills Boba Fett and steals his armor and identity, thus tossing off all that ridiculous clone stuff established in Attack of the Clones. The rest of the story will be a Western-style bounty hunter story. As for a director, the studio is apparently eying Captain America helmer Joe Johnston, which makes sense considering that Johnston had a hand in designing Boba Fett while he was working at Industrial Light & Magic.

Well, that’s it for the latest Star Wars rumor patrol. Stay tuned for more Star Wars news (and rumors) as soon as it comes in.

Source: Latino Review

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